VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, is when Germany unconditionally surrendered its military forces to the Allies, which included the United States. 

VJ Day, or Victory over Japan Day, marked the end of World War II, one of the deadliest and most destructive war in history.

        Through my research and this project, my understanding of World War II was broadened since I only ever knew of the war and not many details actually pertaining to it. I also see that the soldiers fighting truly sacrificed themselves as they died in order to help someone else. Also the war consumed so many of the white men for their soldiers, that they were forced to turn to minorities to help in the war effort. It brought up opportunities for African Americans, women, and immigrants and expanded freedom for citizens after the war. If I were able to speak to Michael Lugar I would thank him personally for his sacrifices and tell his how proud I am of him for his courage. I would ask him what his inspirations were for joining the military and what his most frightening memory was once he was there. For my sources, the most important one was, but more particularly, Fold3. From it I was able to obtain the majority of his military information including enlistment date, rank, unit, service number, place of death, and awards. Another helpful aspect was that it included his family members and his burial site. Gratitude is a positive emotion that involves being thankful and appreciative. This project did not redefine gratitude for me, but more so reminded me of it and allowed me to see it's importance.

'Normandy' by Juno Veteran Cyril Crain 

Come and stand in memory

Of men who fought and died

They gave their lives in Normandy

Remember them with pride.

Soldiers, Airman, sailors
Airborne and marines
Who in civvy life were tailors
and men who worked machines.
British and Canadian
And men from USA
Forces from the Commonwealth
They all were there that day
To Juno, Sword and Utah
Beaches of renown
Also Gold and Omaha
That’s where the ramps went down.
The battle raged in Normandy
Many lives were lost
The war must end in victory
And this must be the cost
When my life is over
And I reach the other side
I’ll meet my friends from Normandy
And shake their hands with pride.


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